Meet the team

biolution is used to working within strict budgetary boundaries and can support you in your communication tasks to the media, general audiences or funding agencies with a comprehensive set of services.


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Throughout your project, our scientifically trained junior and senior consultants will assist and advise you on a one-to-one basis. biolution has extensive experience in consulting at the institute, university, and company level. Numerous successful project submissions over the past decade have resulted in an extensive  international network in health research.

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Successful events do not only stay in the mind of your customers, they run as scheduled and remain within budget. We will organise your Science-to-Public events and research conferences tailored to your needs and goals. biolution develops customised events upon request.

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International projects require careful consideration and detailed planning of the budget, research programme and project management. We provide personalised, thoughtful and professional solutions for your research institute or company. To make your project successful, biolution provides you with experienced personnel and tailored services.

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Combined with other experimental data modern biology provides increasingly complex insights into a highly dynamic microcosm. Modern software packages have lowered the barriers to visualising molecular and cellular structures based on increasingly plentiful data provided by structural biologists. The challenge is to translate rich datasets into instructive visualisations, which provide accessible entry points for experts or inspiring stories for a general audience or both at the same time.

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What people say about us


“We have worked together with biolution on several EU project proposals,
and their input has always been very specific, helpful and valuable”.

Mag. Dr. Carolin Auer
Medical University of Graz, Austria
Head of Unit for Research Management


“The support by biolution was helpful during stage one of the call,
but absolutely essential to obtain our H2020 grant in stage two.”

Prof. Henry Völzke, MD
University Greifswald, Germany
Coordinator of EUthyroid


“We faced several unexpected challenges during our project,
and I am grateful biolution was always there to support us
with their extensive skill and experience.”

Prof. Gabor Kovacs, MD
Medical University Vienna, Austria
Coordinator of DEVELAGE

“I enjoyed working with Stefan Grünert of biolution,
who made important contributions to the funded proposal of our Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.”

Prof. Kaan Boztug, MD
CeMM, Vienna, Austria
Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases

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