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The SYMPATH website was launched in English, German and French. The content of the SYMPATH website was designed to deliver the projects aims and goals in a clear and targeted fashion, which addresses the various stakeholder groups identified for the SYMPATH project. This aim was achieved through the combination of a clear writing style, which avoids the unnecessary use of scientific jargon, and the provision of a comprehensive glossary of scientific terms.
The SYMPATH homepage was designed to include ‘hover and click’ functionality, whereby hovering the mouse cursor over a consortium member highlights all members from that partner and clicking accesses information on the partner without the requirement to leave the homepage. The realisation of this concept for the SYMPATH website required the implementation of complex coding especially in regard to producing a website that would retain functionality on mobile devices, where the ‘hover and click’ function was not available. In order to ensure appropriate representation of health issues, the website was granted HON code certification.

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