Quick overview:

Combined with other experimental data modern biology provides increasingly complex insights into a highly dynamic microcosm. Modern software packages have lowered the barriers to visualizing molecular and cellular structures based on increasingly plentiful data provided by structural biologists. The challenge is to translate rich datasets into instructive visualizations, which provide accessible entry points for experts or inspiring stories for a general audience or both at the same time.

Biolution has assembled a visualization pipeline based on the multidisciplinary expertise of its team and more than a decade of experience in explaining research. The inspiration was to generate affordable animations, which are rooted in scientific accuracy and extend into inspiring dynamic visualizations. It is our ambition to support researchers in their communication tasks with a dynamic representation of their favourite molecule or molecular process. Importing coordinates from the RCSB-protein data bank into our work flow, we interact closely with researchers to develop a dynamic 3D-model of the molecule of choice. Together with the expert, we aim to develop a visualization, which meets the standards of scientific accuracy suitable for a research conference presentation and at the same time inspires a sense of wonder about the beauty of natural processes. 

We are continuously expanding our toolset and will be keen to learn from your research towards improving our capacity to show the fascinating microcosm of molecular biology. If you require attractive images to support the communication of an outstanding research finding or seek to visualize the mode of action of a new drug candidate in a molecular animation, biolution will be ready to work with you. Inform us about your research and challenge us to visualize:

Signaling processes
Disease mechanisms
Mode of action of drugs

Contact us, if you plan to work with a competent partner, who understands your research in order to complement your communications with professional visualizations.


Images are an important tool to generate attention for your research outcomes. biolution offers a state-of-the-art pipeline to generate scientifically accurate 3D models as a basis for instructive visualizations, which support engagement and create interest.


Animations are information-rich visualisations capturing scientific hypotheses to communicate their implications. With extensive experience and tested workflows our team of media designers and scientists create dynamic visualizations of your study subjects.


Pricing Categories:


Basic images combine scientific accuracy and compelling visual design. Our basic images are created from available structural information to visualize a biomolecule in isolation with minimal customisation restricted to settings from our comprehensive tool box. Animations include rotations, movements and colour changes without complex stories.


Advanced images support your scientific hypothesis with instructive visuals. Our advanced images are created from structural information necessitating moderate alterations to generate a molecule beyond available datasets. We visualize your actors with complex lighting and material specifications in a readymade environment from our toolbox, which include cellular, nuclear and extracellular settings. For animations we restrict material and lighting effects to optimise rendering performance.


Complex images explain a molecular mechanism in specific detail. Our complex images are created from a variety of data necessitating to generate your molecule of interest. Rigging your molecular actors provides us with full control over molecular dynamics within a customised environment for sequential images as well as for animations. For animations we provide you with full freedom to use complex material and lighting effects to attain HD quality in every aspect of your animation.

Below is our library of scientific images which are available for licensing or which serve as a starting point for your customised visualization or animation. Please contact us for a first informal briefing.

Scientific image library: