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Modern scientists are faced with a multitude of tasks, but many are not adequately supported in-house to perform all of them well.

To finance their research programmes, researchers rely more and more on a mix of externally raised funds. But competition is increasing due to stagnating national research funds, which makes scientists look for alternatives on the international scene. Therefore, many internationally visible researchers in the life sciences turn to professional support to ensure their research proposals are competitive.

Upon request, biolution can also participate in the management and dissemination activities as a partner during the implementation phase of the project. Our services aim to maximise the benefit each partner can extract from their project, while at the same time minimising administrative tasks for the entire consortium.

biolution has more than 12 years of experience in supporting life scientists successfully in the application for national and EU funds for research projects.

European Research Council (ERC)
EU funded cooperation in H2020
Future and Emerging Technolgies (FET)
Marie Skłodowska-Curie: Innovative Training Networks
Marie Skłodowska-Curie: Individual Fellowships
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): stand alone
Wiener Wirtschafts und Technologie Fonds (WWTF)
Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft: Institutes
EMBO fellowship

We are proud of the significant number of applications we have successfully supported throughout the years. See our portfolio for a selection of activities we have been involved with and contributed to with our consulting services.

“The support by biolution was helpful during stage one of the call,
but absolutely essential to obtain our H2020 grant in stage two.”

Prof. Henry Völzke, MD
University Greifswald, Germany
Coordinator of EUthyroid


Success factors
Project proposals require more than just outstanding research ideas. Success depends on appropriate planning, presentation, and a work plan including resource allocation, all in a highly competitive environment and potentially under intense time pressure. Moreover, funders have different administrative requirements and scientific scopes. biolution has learned to navigate this environment and is happy to support you as a strategic partner with the relevant experience.

Our project developer Stefan Grünert draws on his extensive experience with relevant parties, including researchers, companies, national contact points and European Commission representatives to support your proposal development process. biolution has not only significant experience in the support of coordinators of EU funded cooperative research projects, in addition we frequently support researchers in the application for national funds with our range of services:

Identifying the appropriate call
Proposal development and review
Scientific writing
Development of impact and dissemination sections
Ethical sections
Budgetary planning
Communication, dissemination, graphic design

Researchers can choose the level of involvement of the biolution staff, from a simple “proposal check” to a comprehensive service “from idea to solution” with tailored support selected from our service portfolio.

Proposal check
The proposal check is a full review of the final draft of your proposal. During the proposal preparation phase, you are invited to an initial briefing with our project developer Stefan Grünert. He critically assesses and discusses the key aspects of the research idea and the chosen work plan before you start developing your proposal individually. Of course we will be available throughout the  entire process to advise you on specific questions you might have.

Once you have finalised your draft Stefan Grünert will personally review your proposal and will provide you with a version including detailed comments, revisions and suggestions. All comments will be discussed either in person or by phone to ensure all detected limitations can be appropriately addressed in the final version.

This specific service is tailored to the experienced researcher, who appreciates an outside view on the research plan and recognises the importance of policy and other non-scientific  aspects of highly competitive funding schemes. It is important to highlight that scientific excellence remains the overriding criterion for most research grants, however, given the increasing competition, additional aspects of a proposal have become increasingly important for decision making by evaluators. We believe our proposal check can provide an excellent research proposal with the finishing touches to improve the chances of success.

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From idea to proposal
The comprehensive service will be tailored to your needs and the complexity of the funding scheme. Before entering the application phase, we will develop an appropriate time and resource plan tailored to your budgetary situation and your specific requirements.

The most important skill in modern grantsmanship is to develop an innovative idea into a convincing proposal. Our senior project developer Stefan Grünert has served as an evaluator for the European Commission services and provides you with critical feedback and decisive contributions thoughout the writing process. We are a leading service provider in this decisive aspect of grant proposal development. Please contact us for a free initial discussion about your research project!

The more complex proposals for large cooperative research projects require significant attention to policy aspects, exploitation strategies and potential impact. Over the years we have assembled not only the relevant templates to cover the more generic sections with a minimal effort, in addition, we are also experienced in developing, together with you, individual impact sections and work plans to ensure that all sections of the proposal optimally fullfil the expectations of evaluators.

biolution has successfully supported researchers in national (i.e. FWF stand-alone, FFG, LBG and WWTF) and international grants (i.e. ERC, Marie-Skłodowska-Curie and Cooperation) with targeted services. Our staff are not only acquainted with the various guidelines, they are also experienced in scientific writing, managing communication and developing information graphics. Given the intense competition for research funds and the increasing professionalisation in proposal development, the investment of time and effort in proposals is substantial. We believe our support secures your investment by increasing your probability of success, because you often cannot afford to wait for your next grant.

biolution has extensive experience in consulting at the institute, university, and company level. In addition, numerous successful project submissions over the past decade have resulted in a comprehensive international network of health researchers.

“I enjoyed working with Stefan Grünert of biolution, who made important contributions to the funded proposal of our Ludwig Boltzmann Institute.”

Prof. Kaan Boztug, MD
CEMM, Vienna, Austria
designated director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases

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