“We are looking for the best of the best – scientific excellence is the sole criterion!”
Helga Nowotny


The European Research Council (ERC) provides competitive funding to outstanding researchers undertaking curiosity-driven, often basic research with the potential to open up new frontiers in science. The award of a grant from the ERC is the most prestigious funding a researcher can receive. Thus, these grants have quickly become accepted as a mark of scientific excellence in Europe. They not only provide an attractive financial framework for researchers at every level, but also serve as an important boost for an academic career.

ERC grant proposals pose a specific challenge to applicants. Competition continues to be extremely high and a successful proposal therefore requires a substantial investment of time and effort to become competitive, clearly outlining an ambitious and inspiring research plan. Many research institutions provide extensive support to their applicants, not only because they benefit financially from these grants, but also as they pride themselves on their ERC grant holders, as they are considered a sign of scientific excellence. However, not every researcher is in the fortunate position of receiving such support from their more experienced peers.

If you are planning on submitting an ERC proposal, we strongly advise you to explore your network for as much support as you can muster. If you are not convinced that this support is sufficient, you might consider external help from an experienced consultant. biolution has supported several ERC proposals recently with outstanding success. Our success rate is high, because we evaluate your research plan honestly and can warn you if we deem your proposal not to be competitive. Also, please remember to contact your local NCP and/or administration regarding eligibility issues, as this might be an issue, in particular for researchers with a medical degree.

To complement our traditional grant writing support, we have now implemented a workshop for ERC applicants preparing for their interview in Brussels. True to our focus on science, we use the applicant’s intended presentation as a starting point to discuss the strength and weaknesses of the application. This analysis supports a specific narrative underpinned with dedicated visuals aimed at creating a clearly structured presentation of your personal, academic and scientific aims. Building on your individual strength we will develop a personal strategy how to present yourself in front of the panel within the intense time constraints, including the Q&A session as an important part of your presentation. We believe with this approach we can equip you with a specific tool box to convince the evaluators. Based on the confidence you have prepared yourself in the best possible way, you will be able to perform at your personal best to have a serious shot at what might be the opportunity of your life-time.

If you are eligible for an ERC grant we welcome you to contact Stefan Grünert for an initial no-obligation consultation. However, if you are currently preparing for the interview stage: congratulations, you have achieved already a significant and very important step towards realising your ambitions. If you think about complementing the trainings available from your NCP with our workshop, please get in touch.

“biolution provides excellent support for strategic matters, scientific content and layout!”

Dr. Andreas Bergthaler
CeMM, Vienna, Austria
recipient of an ERC Start Grant

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