EUthyroid featured as ‘success story’ by European Commission

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Biolution are proud to be management and dissemination partner in the EUthyroid project, which has just been featured as a success story by the European Commission. This is a testament to the enormous effort of all partners and supporters to raise awareness for the world’s leading preventable cause of brain damage and EUthyroid’s effort to establish a pan-European infrastructure to monitor, evaluate and prevent iodine deficiency and the significant health problems it causes.

EUthyroid coordinator Prof. Henry Völzke hopes that EUthyroid will be the call to action needed to encourage national health authorities and policymakers to take the next step and legislate for iodine fortification, ensuring EU citizens, and in particular pregnant women and their babies, will get the iodine they need to improve overall health and well-being – while reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

Prof. Henry Völzke emphasised “This is a vital topic, not just for health in Europe, but also as an example to the rest of the world on how to implement harmonised monitoring and evaluation of health outcomes”

Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this outstanding achievement!

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