Unboxing FH Campus

/ 27/09/2019 / 0


biolution received the alu-dibond pictures for the FH Campus Vienna. These pictures will be the last piece of the interior design of the FH made by biolution.

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ERC interviews training in Portugal

/ 17/06/2019 / 0


In mid-July 2019, Stefan Grünert, our Project Developer and Grant Advisor, gave a 2-day training course to prepare candidates for the ERC Consolidator interviews in Brussels. The training was held at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, and was attended by 3 Principal Investigators that were preparing themselves for the interview.

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Phages take center stage in a new animation by biolution

/ 23/05/2019 / 0


The WHO estimates up to 700,000 patients died in of multidrug resistant bacterial infections globally in 2016. This rise of multidrug resistant bacteria, prompted researchers to explore phage therapy again with spectacular successes. Several publications have recently reported spectacular successes in the fight against MDR bacterial infections in humans but also life stock. While in the past phage therapy was shunned by pharma companies for various challenges (see The dawn of phage therapy. Sana Rehman et al., now the commercial potential and advances in genetics have enticed also biotech companies to exploit the potential of phage therapy as a secret weapon to kill superbugs. Also at the Vienna Biocenter our neighbour Phagomed explores an individual approach to commercialise phagetherapy. 

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Biolution presents new animation introducing the complexities of gene expression

/ 21/02/2019 / 0


Eukaryotic gene expression: following the message

In a new animation borne out of a fruitful collaboration between scientists at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) and the visualization team at biolution, structural biologist Clemens Plaschka invites you on a journey into the nucleus of the eukaryotic cell to discover the secrets of regulated gene expression – drawing on some very recently published data. The video was produced using the visualization platform of biolution developed with advice by scientists of the IMP.

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Career days 2018

/ 03/12/2018 / 0


On 30th of November we were happy to exhibit our work in project management and scientific visualization at the career days 2018 at the IMP Vienna. We like to thank our visitiors for their interrest in our work and we were very pleased that our scientific visualizations could leave a lasting impression.

We want to thank the organisers for the invitation and we look forward to the next event at the IMP.

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Skills workshop for Alkatras

/ 21/09/2018 / 0


Our Project Manager Stefan Grünert and Nikola Tasic our Graphic Designer held a complementary skills workshop for the Alkatras Marie Sklodowska Curie Action “Alkatras” (link) in Monza on September 11/12. This was within the longstanding partnership with the ALKATRAS consortium, which biolution already supported during the proposal stage.

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