EUthyroid Policy Meeting – Brussels

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EUthyroid held a policy meeting in Brussels on April 28, in order to promote harmonisation of iodine deficiency (ID) prevention programmes in Europe. Presentations from Henry Völzke (University Medicine Greifswald, DE), John Lazarus (Iodine Global Network, CA) and Rodrigo Moreno-Reyes (Erasme-ULB, BE) summarised the aims of EUthyroid, the current iodine status in Europe and a review of ID from the past to the present. Yvette Azzopardi (DG SANTE, BE) reviewed the legal issues around the ability of the EU to advise and legislate concerning health related topics.

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Fahr mit photo book presentation

/ 21/12/2015 / 0


SYMPATH Fahr Mit – Parkinson bike tour 2015 – Photobook presentation and AFFiRiS reception

On 20th January 2016, SYMPATH coordinator AFFiRiS opened its doors to host a special presentation event for SYMPATH FAHR-MIT participants. 11 FAHR-MIT participants from across Austria attended this event in addition to SYMPATH participants from AFFiRiS, Prosenex and biolution. The event comprised of a reception, a presentation of a commemorative photobook depicting the best moments from the bike tour, presentations from Dr Iris Grünert (biolution) and Dr Achim Schneeberger (AFFiRiS) about the SYMPATH FAHR-MIT event and the latest news from the SYMPATH project and clinical trials, and also a guided tour of the AFFiRiS laboratories. The event concluded with a discussion of how to support future events to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease and the SYMPATH project.

Dr Iris Grünert (biolution) and Dr Johann Ebner

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EUthyroid Kick-off Meeting – Vienna

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Europe currently has no harmonised approach to ensure that the iodine intake of European citizens is sufficient to prevent health problems. EUthyroid project aims to investigate the iodine intake of the European population as a basis for developing measures for the harmonisation of European iodine intake in cooperation with national authorities.

EUthyroid consortium from 28 countries © Stefanie Freynschlag

The EUthyroid kick-off meeting was held on 7-9th September 2015 and hosted by Biolution in Vienna. This meeting gave all consortium members the opportunity to present their organisations and roles in the project and provided a forum in which to discuss the project aims and outline plans for the future.

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Vienna City Hall: Sympath Fahr Mit

/ 14/07/2015 / -


After the SYMPATH “Fahr mit” tour Marianne Klicka invited the participating cyclists and project representants into the Vienna city hall.

© W. Schaub-Walzer

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EUthyroid EU Project (Horizon 2020)

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Towards the elimination of iodine deficiency and preventable thyroid-related diseases in Europe!




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Sympath – Fahr Mit, Parkinson bicycle tour

/ 30/05/2015 / 0

With this initiative we wanted to raise public awareness of Parkinson’s and show the importance of improved diagnosis and treatment, not only for the patients themselves, but also for the whole society.

Event page:

© Helmut Kronewitter

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