3D Visualization

Quick overview:

3D visualization provides us with the ability to imagine the complex inner machinery of living cells based on research data, even allowing us to think about these in a new way.

The media design team at biolution understand scientific concepts and have the skills to create your favourite biological process or molecule in a virtual environment. Based on existing software packages we have developed our own production pipeline to import scientific data from entries in the RCSB Protein Data Bank (link www.rcsb.org). Using various parameters we will generate representations of your molecules of choice in a highly flexible and versatile setting.

Stills: Based on this pipeline we can produce impressive images, which range from molecular details to functioning organs.

Animations: Once the environment is developed it is only a small step to create highly dynamic animations of your favourite molecule in action. Creating a video to visualise a molecular process requires a script, which can then be implemented into a gripping storyboard. This will provide our team with the necessary information to generate the characters and scenes for your own very special molecular animation.


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3D Visualization Scientific Visualization

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