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Project description:

DEVELAGE Symposium: Linking Pathways in the Developing and Ageing Brain with Neurodegeneration
The DEVELAGE symposium was held at the Medical University of Vienna, in conjunction with the DEVELAGE workshop. In addition, it was organised in cooperation with the Clinical Neurosciences (CLINS) Doctoral Programme. Experts from the fields of BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and BRAIN AGEING presented an overview of the state-of the art. By the end of the Symposium the participants were aware of the many connections and overlaps that exist between the developing and the ageing brain and that this could be the focus of fruitful collaborative research in the future. The participants concluded that this Symposium was a first exciting step towards establishing a tradition of disseminating this unique approach. With the increasing impact neurodegenerative diseases have on our ageing societies it appears timely to bundle the existing expertise of brain researchers from diverse fields to explore diagnostic measures for early detection of disease and to devise new avenues to interfere with disease progression. In total the symposium was attended by 62 people.


Quick overview:

Funding: FP7-HEALTH through DEVELAGE (278486)
Coordinator: Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Status: Completed
Date: 27-28.11.2014
Location: Vienna, Austria

biolution contribution:

Co-organisation of the events, Communication measures

Partners / Collaborations

biolution GmbH, AT
Medical University of Vienna, AT
Paris Diderot University, FR

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