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Quick overview:

corporate design
template for presentation
various graphic elements for project internal use

A corporate identity for DEVELAGE was developed by establishing a project logo, project fonts and colour scheme. The DEVELAGE logo was designed in a classical, simple, technical manner including a word mark and a picture mark and following up-to-date design and web 2.0 trends. A corporate design manual was also established that specified both some visual standards and rules for the use of the logo, and also provided the partners the ability to use the logo flexibly for their own purposes. The manual includes a number of variations of the logo and its use for the project, a description of the DEVELAGE font in web and print design, and the acknowledgement format to be used in scientific publications. On the basis of the DEVELAGE corporate identity, website illustrations were developed. In addition, templates for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and scientific posters were also created and meeting stationary including pens and writing pads were produced.

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