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The DEVELAGE corporate identity was used for all material created in relation to the DEVELAGE project, according to the requirements of the partners and the needs of the project. In order to raise awareness of the DEVELAGE project during the DEVELAGE satellite symposium held in Rio de Janeiro on the 18th September 2014 as part of the XVIIIth International Congress of Neuropathology a dice puzzle postcard was created as a promotional give-away item. The concept for this item was to provide an interesting and engaging puzzle, which would remain of interest post-congress and provide the potential for enduring recognition of DEVELAGE and also the potential for further dispersal in the scientific community. The dice puzzle postcard was created for the DEVELAGE satellite symposium but due to its versatility has subsequently been used by partners for general promotion of the DEVELAGE project and was also distributed at the DEVELAGE symposium held in Vienna, Austria on 27th November 2014. The DEVELAGE corporate identity informed the design of information leaflets produced in response to partner needs and for DEVELAGE events such as the one developed for the DEVELAGE symposium held in Vienna, Austria and the DEVELAGE training events held in Montpellier, France and Vienna, Austria.

Roll the dice along the path. Which side(1-6) of the dice would touch the marked fields?
Field 1 = 3
Field 2 = 4
Field 3 = 3
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