Direct // Book: Gemeinsam für die Diagnose Zukunft

This brochure was created in order to raise awareness of the strong link that exists between private and public funding of childhood cancer research and the health of European children who are facing, or have faced, the huge challenge of dealing with cancer early in their lives. The brochure contains 5 major sections: 1. Paediatric oncology in Europe: A story of success thanks to research networks; 2. Directly linked: optimal diagnostics – optimal treatment – ongoing research-funding; 3. The aftercare: A ‘new science’ needing private and public support; 4. Current and future challenges for childhood cancer research in Europe and 5. The way to go together, which highlights campaigns such as the ‘Survivors Grossglockner Tour’ and the ‘Rainbow Tour’. The brochure combines an English and a German version of the text.