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content is split for public and science audiences
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The EarlyNutrition website is divided into sections for a “public oriented” and a “scientist oriented” target audience, easily separated with a colour code and navigated with tabs at the top of the screen. The public oriented webpage links to several subsections including: about the project, FAQs, obesity and nutrition, news and multimedia, links, and the website disclaimer. The science oriented webpage contains more technical details regarding the project, and is geared towards interested scientists or those with a scientific background. This webpage is divided into project, research, the consortium, meetings, trainings, publications, related projects, and the contact and project disclaimer page. The news and multimedia section of the EarlyNutrition website includes the most up to date information on project news. This includes a link to the EarlyNutrition video portal, general project news, and links for downloading the factsheets and newsletters. The EarlyNutrition website was launched in English and German.

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