Vienna Biocenter European Researchers Night (VBC-ERN) // EU Project

Project description:

Science is central to the success of European society and for tackling some of the major problems mankind faces. Nevertheless, negative stereotypes about scientists persist. While a slow erosion of these stereotypes is detectable, continued and sustained efforts are necessary to overcome this prevalent barrier to increasing the number of scientists in Europe. The most efficient way to tackle these stereotypes is well known: bringing the general public into direct contact with science and scientists. This was the inspiration for the researchers night initiative, and the Vienna Biocenter (VBC), a research cluster relying intensely on qualified personnel, subscribes fully to this concept. Therefore, the VBC-ERN proposes an attractive programme, which aims to bring its research and scientists closer to more than 5.000 visitors from Vienna. The programme will explore links between science and art and the focus will be on a hands-on experience of science with oral presentations from scientists explaining their work, an exhibition resulting from various calls and activities such as a concert of bands made up of  VBC-researchers. Vienna is well known for its arts and music and the Viennese are proud of this heritage. By exploring the links between science and the arts the VBC-ERN would like to show that the VBC is a lively and active part of modern Vienna and its cultural life. This should promote an increased understanding and acceptance of the activities of the VBC in Viennese citizens. By portraying research through art, the general public is invited to explore science from the stand-point of enjoyment and pleasure, which should lower the threshold frequently associated with science of being too technical and complicated. Furthermore, by providing scientists with the opportunity to explore a role shift from that of the reclusive, presenting their work mainly to peers, to the artist working for a more general audience we hope to promote future engagement of scientists with the public.


Quick overview:

Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Project References: 245054
Coordinator: dialog<>gentechnik, Austria
Status: Completed
Start: 01.05.2009
End: 30.11.2009
Total Cost: EUR 249,395.2
EU contribution: EUR 90,000


biolution contribution:

Proposal preparation: Content, Administration
Implementation: Dissemination

Partners / Collaborations

biolution GmbH, AT
dialog<>gentechnik, AT
Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI), AT
Insitute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA), AT
Medical University of Vienna, AT
Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), AT
University of Vienna, AT



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