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Public awareness of the GENINCA EU project has been addressed by its website. The GENINCA website was launched in English, French, Italian and German. It contains general information about the project, its beneficiaries, contact persons, press releases and factsheets. Information on each partner institution is provided with links to their own websites. State of the art design and technical aspects have been taken into consideration, ensuring the website can be viewed by a broad public, regardless of the platform or browser used or physical challenges. Visually impaired people for example may access the site using screen readers or simply enlarge the font size used. Abbreviation-tags are used to facilitate understanding of abbreviations or jargon. State of the art techniques used involve Flash, moderately used for picture animation, explaining project details and further steps, appealingly presented for the younger audience. In addition, a link to PubMed, the online databases of the NIH, enables fast access to further information on the subject.

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