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GENINCA focussed on exploring pre-cancerous and cancer lesions of colorectal and liver tumour entities and their respective microenvironments. A particular focus of GENINCA was the detailed characterisation of recently identified cancer initiating stem cells. GENINCA addressed the occurrence of genomic instability and explored their underlying mechanisms especially in pre-cancerous and early cancer lesions. GENINCA’s approach was based on in vivo endomicroscopy, sophisticated animal models and large-scale genomic and proteomic analyses. The GENINCA corporate identity was used for all material created in relation to the GENINCA project, according to the needs of the project, such as the project factsheet and information leaflet and giveaways produced in response to GENINCA events. A special highlight was the production of an information leaflet that over 5 chapters presented background information about colon cancer and its consequences for the population, including the underlying molecular and genetic mechanisms. To allow a “touchable effect” the booklet consisted of animated optical illusions, so that the pictures seem to move. This leaflet was designed to be used as a lobbying instrument.


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