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The research institute for applied bioanalytics and drug development within the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Krems concentrates on developing potential new treatments, as well as identifying and optimising drugs aimed at various disorders. It serves as an important incubator for emerging technologies at the Biotech-Area Krems in Lower Austria. The existing collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry foster the establishment of sustainable scientific communication networks, infrastructure and novel innovative technologies. Pharmaceutical industry is currently outsourcing many areas of research to academic institutions, which creates new opportunities in translational and applied biomedical research and development.

To leverage these opportunities an independent website for established bioanalytical services, which already are offered for industrial partners serves as an entry point to showcase the team and capacities independent of the university website. This should foster interactions with industrial partners beyond the existing collaborations and highlight the present competencies. With a modern information architecture and key visuals developed by biolution, the website provides an informative and fresh portal serving the central communication tasks: promote existing services; highlight success stories; inform about collaboration opportunities.

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