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Project description:

The concept of the Power of Research game was based on the idea that innovative computer technology could be combined with real-life experience. After almost three years of hard work we developed the free browser Power of Research game, which  aims to raise the public interest for science, inspire young Europeans to take up careers in research, and divulge Europe-wide interesting scientific topics.
The players can explore the daily life of a scientist by conducting research in different areas of the life sciences, publishing their results, participating in conferences, and applying for fundings. Beside the game, the players also have access to a platform, which contains scientific figures and videos of institutes and researchers that are sorted according to specific search criteria. With these visual effects, the players can get a strong learning effect, while the research institutes have the possibility to disseminate their results. In addition, a calendar enables players to manage their schedule, their scientific events, conferences, and team-meetings.

Quick overview:

Funding: FP7-HEALTH through Power of Research (202239)
Coordinator: biolution GmbH, Austria
Status: Completed
Start: 01.02.2008
End: 31.07.2011


biolution contribution:

Game concept, design and publishing

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