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Project description:

Science communication actions draw their inspiration from the fact that young Europeans feel under-informed about science and are turning away from scientific studies and careers. Generally there is little opportunity for the public to enter the world of science and apply their scientific knowledge. To reach the EC’s aim of hardwiring science into youth culture, serious rethinking is required and entirely novel activities are required to complement current top-down approaches of conveying science. As movies and music can not communicate complicated content, youth culture offers only one efficient way to convey health science in an appropriately complex fashion: computer games. They can transport complicated messages and players can spend an extensive amount of time in immersive worlds. We therefore propose a revolutionary on-line computer game simulating the scientific endeavour, where knowledge of scientific facts will constitute a significant advantage. This game will create a large community of more than 100,000 players, enabled to communicate in real time via a state of the art interface to stimulate exchanges about game relevant topics including science. This game should allow players to choose one of several research fields from areas funded by the DG health. Then they can commit time and effort to carrying out typical tasks of a scientist in an abstract way, in order to gain an impression of a scientists’ routine. In addition it will be essential for the game to inform about science issues and produce a constant flux of scientific information, which players have to sieve through to identify the relevant data for their projects. This will encourage players to learn about the FP7 areas of research, review some of the key findings in these fields and most importantly use this knowledge to their own advantage in the game. The objective of the Power of Research is therefore to create an environment where players are more informed and excited about science and associated career options.

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Quick overview:

Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Project Reference: 202239
Coordinator: biolution GmbH, Austria
Status: Completed
Start: 01.02.2008
End: 31.07.2011
Total Cost: EUR 1,280,880
EU contribution: EUR 617,060


biolution contribution:

Proposal preparation: Own concept, Full proposal
Grant preparation: Contract development, Budget, Consortium Agreement
Implementation: Coordination, Project Management, Dissemination

Partners / Collaborations

biolution GmbH, AT
TPM Games GmbH, AT

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