The Faraday Orchestra // National Project

Project description:

The Faraday Orchestra promotes synergies between physics and music in the tradition of musical expression, melding musical instruments and scientific knowledge. The Faraday Orchestra used real-time molecular processes in music for the first time. The experimental approach used can observe the function of a single biological molecule, with the resulting values transmitted acoustically. The project is based on the aesthetic power of a biophysical experiment: In the form of a new sequencer, the switching operations of single biomolecules are made audible. The sound sequences reveal a fascinating insight into the dynamics of real molecular processes in real time. Wolfgang Schlögl with his curiosity and extensive experience made a significant contribution to the success of this project. In addition, Gerhard Schütz contributed his scientific expertise, technical expertise and even his outstanding ability on the guitar. The result is not only an exciting project in science communication, but also music with catchy rhythms, all made possible by the hard work and excellent cooperation between the parties; just listen to the samples to find out for yourself.

© Wolfgang Schlögl

Quick overview:

Programme: Nationally funded Art-Project
Concept: Stefan Grünert & Carmen Wageneder-Schmid
Science: Gerhard Schütz
Music: Wolfgang Schlögl
Status: Completed
Start: May 2011
End: October 2011
Total Cost: EUR 25,000
BMUKK contribution: EUR 15,000

biolution contribution:

Proposal preparation: Concept

© Stefan Grünert

© Wolfgang Schlögl

Partners / Collaborations

Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs, AT
biolution GmbH, AT
Johannes Kepler University Linz, AT
Technical University of Vienna, AT
Nanion Technologies GmbH, DE

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