“Plans are nothing, but planning is everything.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower


biolution has more than 12 years of experience in providing project management as an external service provider.

Since FP6, we have contributed as management partner to eight EU funded projects with up to 30 partners and a cumulative budget worth more than 20 M€. As a member of the consortium, we support scientific coordinators from academic research institutions and companies to successfully implement their EU funded research projects. When included already during the project application, our experience might even boost the chances of success, especially if your host institution lacks experience and infrastructure in managing large projects.

As a management partner, biolution generally fulfils the following tasks within a project:

Scientific & financial reporting
Project controlling
Legal administration: Consortium- and Grant agreement
Financial administration
Meeting organisation
Corrective measures: Amendments
Consortium evolution: Incorporating new partners
Internal communication

biolution has an experienced team to complement the available know-how within your institution. Throughout the lifecycle of your project, our scientifically trained junior and senior consultants can assist and advise you on a one-to-one basis. Support by biolution ensures that scientists can focus on their research driven tasks without being overburdened by administration. Our support also provides the peace of mind that project management, ethical and financial requirements are met in time and according to the guidelines.

See our portfolio for projects we have successfully managed and contact us with your own research idea for an initial discussion without obligation.

“We faced several unexpected challenges during our project, and I am grateful
biolution was always there to support us with their extensive skill and experience.”

Prof. Gabor Kovacs, MD
Medical University Vienna, Austria
Coordinator of DEVELAGE


Contract preparation
After a proposal for an EU funded research project has been successfully evaluated, the coordinator is invited to enter the contract preparation phase. Under stringent time lines a set of legal documents need to be drawn up to be signed by the coordinator and the European Commission. biolution has extensive experience in converting the information provided at the proposal stage into the necessary legal documents. We can support the coordinator in his discussions with the administrative staff in Brussels in case the work plan, budgetary allocation or ethical section require adaptations according to the reviewers comments. In speeding up the process from proposal to contract, we not only ensure the seamless implementation of your research, but also that no undue delays  due to administrative challenges will threaten the contract preparation.

Once the money is transferred the real work starts. biolution can help you making the most of your research allocation. As each funder has its own guidelines, rules and regulations, making grant management without a dedicated expert burdensome. In a worst case scenario you even risk repayment of part of the funding if you fail to stick to the guidelines. biolution has more than 10 years of experience in performing financial administration, project management and reporting duties. Our dedicated project managers support scientists efficiently and pro-actively so they can focus on their research. biolution ensures financial, administrative and legal duties are fulfilled according to the applicable guidelines. This support ensures your funding will result in an optimal output of research achievements.

International consortia require legal arrangements which stipulate budgetary allocations, responsibilities and intellectual property rights. biolution will support researchers and their administrative staff in ensuring a durable legal framework is maintained during the project implementation phase. This might require amendments, if unexpected results require adaptations to the workplan. biolution supports you wherever you might need help in order to ensure available resources are used to perform state-of-the-art research in light of new developments. We discuss new situations with the consortium, devise strategies to amend the contract and negotiate procedures with the European Commission services.

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