“The difference between success and failure is a great team.”
Dave Kerpen
Dr. Iris Grünert
T: +43-1-786-95-95-10

biolution is more than the sum of its parts:

We are an experienced team of life scientists from a wide variety of scientific backgrounds complemented by an international media design team. While we work within a large network of collaborators with complementary expertise, our core services are performed exclusively by our highly experienced and well trained staff. As a result, we are able to deliver high-quality services consistently, as well as effectively delegate tasks to the appropriate team member. 

We are aware of the fact that our team is our most valuable asset. During each assignment our junior project managers are guided by a senior member of staff to ensure our clients receive the best advice at minimal cost.

All our staff are firmly rooted within their scientific training and we are proud to be part of the Vienna Biocenter, Austria’s internationally visible biotech cluster. We follow current trends in the life sciences and maintain a keen interest in novel developments in research. We are therefore always happy to talk to you about your ideas for a new research project.

Stefan Grünert, PhD
Project Development & Communication
T: +43-1-786-95-95 -11
Paul Grünert
Project Manager
T: +43-1-786-95-95-14
Xhon Nika
Media Designer, Project Management & IT
T: +43-1-786-95-95-15
Jessica Ferguson
Graphic Designer & Photography
T: +43-1-786-95-95-16
Iemima Semerean
Office Assistant
T: +43-1-786-95-95 -10