Dr. Iris Grünert

CV overview:

Iris Grünert is an accomplished life scientist co-authoring in excess of eight publications with more than 2,870 cumulative citations. She is co-founder and managing director of biolution. Learning on the job she has expanded her business experience and built up significant management qualities with biolution now successfully in operation for well over a decade.

At biolution Iris is responsible for guiding our multidisciplinary team of scientists and media professionals. She interfaces with the various clients, EU project participants, National Contact Points and EC-staff in Brussels. She has extensive experience in developing the management, ethics and implementation sections of successful proposals. Her communication skills and management experience have enabled her to make crucial contributions to a wide variety of projects, in particular with regards to legal and financial issues. Creating and maintaining momentum within an international research consortium is her main motivation to enter large consortia as management partner. During implementation she supports effectively the coordinator in the complex administrative and communication tasks an EU-funded project can pose. She believes the extensive contacts to European and national stake holders are biolution’s most important asset.

Iris studied biology at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) and performed research for her PhD in neurobiology with Peter Seeburg. She specialised into electron microscopy and did research at the EMBL (Heidelberg), ZMBH (Heidelberg), MFPL (Vienna) and IMP (Vienna).

Iris has been involved in successful applications for more than 10 EU funded cooperative research projects. She coordinated the science communication action “power of research” and established biolution as Austria’s premier service provider in the life sciences. She is member of the Vienna Biocenter Campus and coordinates its public relations activities.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner”

English proverb