Matthew Spencer, PhD

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CV overview:

Matthew Spencer is an accomplished molecular biologist who brings his scientific writing and project management skills to the biolution team. Matthew is our native English speaker and his calm mind and patient approach allow him to observe, understand and solve unexpected issues in project management.

At biolution Matthew’s scientific writing skills come to the fore in the writing and editing of grant proposals and scientific reports, and in the implementation of project dissemination strategies. He is also responsible for supporting project coordinators in administrative aspects and dissemination of EU funded projects.

Matthew studied cell biology at the University of Durham (England) and holds a PhD in plant molecular biology from the same institute. He has extensive experience in research including a post-doctoral placement at the University of Oxford (England), and also oversees experience at the University of Sydney (Australia), the Gregor Mendel institute (Austria) and Academia Sinica (Taiwan).

For biolution Matthew has been involved in the preparation of grant applications for H2020 Personalising Health Care, FET and ERC funding schemes. He has worked as project manager for a number of EU-funded cooperative research projects (both H2020 and FP7 framework programmes) specialising in scientific writing and dissemination activities.

“The calm before, during and after the storm”