Paul Grünert

CV overview:

Paul Grünert is a biology student with a strong interest in molecular biology and human genetics. He supports the team not only with his fresh perspective on science, but his calm and patient character makes him an important member of the team.

Paul’s ability to visualise complex biomedical research topics identifies him as a key persons for the development of concepts for our public relation activities. In addition he assists our project managers during bottlenecks at project deadlines or meetings. He also takes outstanding photographs. In addition he organises a lecture series of general interest “Wissenschaft im Laden”, where scientists present their research to a general audience.

Although Paul`s training as a biologist only started in 2017, he has held a strong interest in biology and other science topics for more than a decade. Maybe it is something to do with his parents. During his A levels he had best grades in all sciences and math, but his strong interest in Biology led him to write an essay on the genetic contribution of Neanderthals to modern humans, analysing the current primary literature of molecular paleogenetics.


A picture is worth a thousand words.”

– Fred A. Barnard