Michael Mandl

CV overview:

Michael Mandl brings extensive 3D and 2D design knowledge to the biolution team.

Michael Mandl graduated from SAE Vienna, Austria.

Before Biolution, Anuradha worked as a freelancer in Vienna. Hir portfolio includes works from 3D Animation, VR and Game Engines to Video Production and Compositing
As a freelancer he has worked on a variety of projects for local as well as international clients. Most recently he worked as a Creative Director for a vienna based company specialized in AR and VR.

He developed his personal style creating 3D content for a variety of applications—scientific, industrial as well as creative and artistic.
At Biolution, Michael is responsible for 3D Animations and Post Production.

“Thought is the slave of life, and life is time’s fool, and time, that takes survey of all the world, must have a stop.”

– William Shakespeare