Xhon Nika

CV overview:


Xhon is a Creative Graphic Design Professional with 22+ years of experience designing compelling artwork pieces. Adept at developing graphic solutions by successfully visualizing client requirements and implementing creative ideas into practice.

Competent in managing projects by defining budgets, overseeing staff, and ensuring quality and consistency of final products. Strong background in creating logos, brochures, posters, books, magazine and book covers, and other artworks of varying sizes and formats. He has proven track record of maximizing client retention rate and satisfaction scores by completing projects within specified budgets and time limits. Solid expertise in the utilization of various graphic design equipment, software and tools, computer networking, and IT support. Academically founded in Physics with core competencies in Creativity & Innovation, Project Management, UI/UX Design, Media Design, Branding, Printing Design & Printing Presses, Webdesign, Network & IT, etc.

At biolution, Xhon mainly focuses on media design and project management, where he works together with talented 3D artists to bring stunning representations of cells, proteins, and viruses to life. Additionally, he assists in project management and is responsible for the IT infrastructure  .

No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.”

– Salvador Dali